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Exquisite Pieces Handmade with Love

Cheryl Cook Hand-Selecting Rough Natural Diamonds
Cheryl Cook is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and High-Fashion Diamond Jewelry Designer. Cheryl specializes in Rough Natural Diamond Evaluation and has a prestigious degree in Advance Diamond Cutting from the American Institute of Diamond Cutting. After working in the diamond industry in New York City for almost a decade, Cheryl decided to make a change and make a difference. Cheryl, a San Antonio, Texas native, has partnered with longtime friends, Gordon and Maggie Hartman, and use her talents to help with a cause she truly believes in – creating inclusive spaces for people of all abilities.

The Spark that Started Morgan’s Diamonds

Gordon Hartman is a well-known San Antonio philanthropist, community leader, and visionary. A former home builder, Hartman sold his business in 2005 and soon after started the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, which offers financial support to organizations that assist individuals with disabilities and special needs.  Gordon and Maggie Hartman’s daughter, Morgan, is the inspiration behind the foundation.  She was born with cognitive and physical special needs, and it was clear to the Hartmans that was a great need to help the disability community.
Morgan, Gordon & Maggie Hartman

The Hartmans soon realized, through Morgan’s personal experiences, that there was also a great need for places that could include people of all abilities. That led to the creation of the world’s first Ultra-Accessible™, fully-inclusive nonprofit theme park, Morgan’s Wonderland. Following the success of Morgan’s Wonderland, the Hartmans went on to create Morgan’s Inspiration Island splash park, Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, Morgan’s Wonderland Sports, and The Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland, or The MAC.  Morgan’s was formed to oversee fundraising and operations of all these endeavors.  With values to empower, include, educate, and innovate, it is the hub of inclusion and accessibility.  And now, the latest addition, Morgan’s Diamonds, will help bring financial sustainability to the nonprofit

“Getting to see how the Hartmans dedicate their entire lives to helping others has been a huge inspiration and a great example to me. That is why we have created Morgan’s Diamonds for a Cause. Diamonds for a Cause allows me to bring my love and passion for diamonds back to the heart of Texas, where I can make an impact and directly help so many individuals. I get to do what I love, make a difference, and be close to home and family.” ~ Cheryl Cook

Not Just Any Diamond Purchase

Morgan’s Diamonds offers exclusive, high-quality diamond jewelry, responsibly sourced, hand-cut, and hand-crafted. When you buy a Morgan’s Diamond, you not only get a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece, but you also give back to our mission of inclusion. All net proceeds go directly to funding Morgan’s endeavors. Talk about Diamonds for a great cause!

By purchasing a Morgan’s Diamond, you are supporting a spark of cultural change, and helping create a more inclusive world. Places where people of all abilities can enjoy life side-by-side and can gain a better understanding of one another.

Thank you for supporting our mission.

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